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Join us at Brunel Manor!

The dates for this year’s Midweek Dance Break at Brunel Manor are Feb 29th- March 4th and June 6th- 10th.

Why not come and join us? We would love to see you.

KINGDOM DANCE RESOURCES supported by THE CHRISTIAN DANCE FELLOWSHIP have been leading a wonderful ‘DANCE BREAK’ at Brunel Manor in Devon for 12 years!

Marie (with her team) has organised and led these weeks with the aim that anyone who comes will be able to join in the dances.

It is so popular people come back year after year for spiritual refreshment, fellowship, and the dance. We hold workshops in the morning. The afternoon is free for delegates to explore the delights of Devon. In the evenings we dance in worship.

The resources are available to buy but we do supply resources for all the dancers to use freely.

There is a theme every year and this year it is ‘WORSHIP THE KING OF LOVE’.

The dances will be choreographed around the theme but will be a great variety. In previous years we have included Flags, ribbons, streamers, Messianic, simple contemporary, prophetic, Harmonics, jazz, ballet, signing, staffs and Men’s dance.

To join us contact BRUNEL MANOR on 01803 329333 and see